New Features in Python 1.6

James Pannozzi jimserac at
Sun Apr 2 07:41:51 CEST 2000

... mouth watering description of new Python 1.6 features...

"Note that the Python installer for Windows now installs GNU m4, the bash
shell, and Autoconf, so that Windows users will be able to use the
Distutils just like on Unix."

Excellent, wonderful, yes, yes, ... ah whoops!!!  What's this about it
installing a bash shell, I've already got my NT Xemacs configured to use the
Cygwin 20 Bash shell.

(Oh Oh! reconfigure, incompatabilities... confusion, chaos...)

Also, I notice that links to Python2c have quietly become non-functional or


"Guido van Rossum" <guido at> wrote in message
news:200004011740.MAA04675 at
> New Features in Python 1.6
> ==========================
> With the recent release of Python 1.6 alpha 1, a lot of people have
> been wondering what's new.  This short note aims to explain the major
> changes in Python 1.6.
> Core Language
> -------------

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