Module Loading Issues

Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Thu Apr 13 19:06:05 EDT 2000

Brent Fulgham <brent.fulgham at> writes:

> Is there any disadvantage to having many modules loaded
> at the same time?  I.e., is it possible for badly-written
> modules to write entries into the "__main__" namespace
> that might clash with other entries?

So long as you don't do to many "from ... import *"s you should be
fine.  I mean it's possible that a module will stomp on __main__, but
in practice they don't (if you find one that does, find the author and
slap him/her until he/she agrees it's a bad idea).
> Or is the only concern memory use?

I've never had any problem with that either, but then I've never used
Python in a memory tight situation.


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