Python Language Support for ArcView GIS

Bruce Dodson bruce_dodson.nospam at
Sat Apr 8 21:43:23 CEST 2000

Python Language Support for ArcView GIS (aka AVPython) is now available
online as a free download.  I promised this several months ago but never
managed to find a home for it (too busy) so finally I decided to just slap
together a page for it on GeoCities:

If you're an ArcView developer and want to be able to control COM-enabled
programs like Excel or ArcInfo, or if you want to be able to interoperate
with distributed systems through standards like XML and HTTP, you might want
to give it a try.  The same goes for Python programmers who happen to be
working with ArcView GIS (hey, there must be a few!), and want to be able to
apply their Python skills (and use a better language) when developing
ArcView applications.

Python is free and open source.  I hope AVPython will eventually be the
same, but we haven't yet settled on an acceptable open source license, so
for now the best I can do is provide a binary that is freely

If you use AVPython on any interesting projects, or if you have any positive
feedback or things that you'd like to change, feed my hubris: tell me about
it!  Just take nospam out of my address, or use the one listed in the

Bruce Dodson

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