Python 1.6 alpha 1 released

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Tue Apr 4 21:31:42 CEST 2000

"Moshe Zadka" <moshez at> wrote in message
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> I beg to differ: it's not highly relevant. What Guido did was correct
> a *bug* in the implementation.

But *where* is the bug?  That is the question!
OK, there is currently a discrepency between
A. one sentence in the documentation
B. the implementation, another sentence in the documentation, and the books
by gurus Lutz, Watters, Rossum, and Ahlstrom.

> That people depended on it is sad,

Please excuse me and others for believing the cumulative evidence of B.

> and just goes to show it should be corrected ASAP before more people
depend on it.

There are two possible remedies to the conflict, not just one.
A. add 7 chars, '[, port]' , to the one sentence and leave everything else
alone [1 minute?].
B. change the implementation and break bits of code all over [days to fix
and test]

Seems reasonable to me to at least consider option A instead of B.

Terry J. Reedy

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