Starving for an Advanced Python Book

Jeff Bauer jbauer at
Wed Apr 5 02:16:39 CEST 2000

Bjorn writes a glowing recommendation of eff-bot's book:
> At $12.00 I would say the book is a steal and 
> contains a wealth of information no serious Python 
> programmer should be without :-)  And if you're 
> like me, you'll print it out, bind it at Kinko's,
> and place it half way between your Linux and win2k
> boxes <wink>.

I would second Bjorn's recommendation.  It's a useful
book for anyone who writes Python code and wants quick 
access to library examples.

That said, the electronic distribution mechanism
will try your patience.  When you get it to work, 
the first thing you'll want to do is follow Bjorn's
advice and print it.

  all-downhill-from-there-ly y'rs,

Jeff Bauer

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