freeze not working (win)

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Fri Apr 7 19:16:08 EDT 2000

"Warren Postma" <embed at> wrote in message
news:memH4.4438$HG1.127494 at
> No definition of module win32api in any specified map file.
> Warning: unknown modules remain: win32api

This simply means that win32api was not frozen.  The resulting
program will still run if you provide win32api.pyd.  Note that
you must also provide pywintypes1x.dll - this can not be frozen.

> What do I do?  If i had to guess I'd say that the *.dsp is a
Visual C++
> Project file.
> What does Freeze want with the source code to the Win32

Freeze is capable of freezing these modules into the same .exe -
its needs the source to do so.

It shouldnt surprise you that freeze needs C sources - most of
freeze's time is spent compiling C code!

>  Do I
> have to get this file from somewhere? I looked on Mark Hammonds
page and my
> only option is to grab source from CVS. {Haven't done that
before. don't
> know how.} What do I do!?

I'd suggest you ignore the error and simply ship win32api.pyd.


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