encoding type in a2ps to pretty-print

Radovan Garabik garabik at melkor.dnp.fmph.uniba.sk.spam
Thu Apr 6 19:22:58 CEST 2000

Henrik Berg Nielsen <n99hbn at nat.sdu.dk> wrote:
 : Hi, I am complete newbie and just starting to learn Python. I have just
 : installed a2ps for dos so I can pretty-print all my small programs. I have
 : one problem though. When I pretty-print my code via a2ps all places where I
 : have a '<=' are turned into the similar mathematical sign, that only takes
 : up one space on the line, likewise all '==' are converted to the
 : mathematical "by definition" sign (that is 3 lines on top of eachother). Why
 : is this so? It is really annoying and I would really like a2ps to
 : pretty-print my code the way it looks on my monitor. I think it has
 : something todowith the encoding that a2ps uses,but I'm not sure.

try --highlight-level=normal

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