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Wed Apr 12 11:08:34 EDT 2000

In article <8d22qg$oai$1 at>, breiter at usf.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE (Bernhard Reiter) writes:
|> In article <8d149t$jo6$1 at>,
|> 	tom__98 at writes:
|> >>     tom>  -- How can I browse the Python documentation without firing
|> >>     tom> up a web browser?
|> >>
|> >> Convert it to text format. It's latex, you can make it into anything
|> >> you want, and do anything you want with it.
|> > 
|> > Well, what I'm suggesting is that it might be a good idea
|> > to make a command-line accessible version of the documentation,
|> > together with a command line tool, available as part of the
|> > standard distribution.
|> lynx is a command line tool and will work fine and fast.

Not really.  It is a 'full-screen" browser.  In particular, it
doesn't work together with scrollback, and you can't easily use
it to produce text for automatic scan.  The original CERN www
browser IS a command-line browser, but it has a pretty revolting
user interface.  Well, so has lynx, for that matter.

However, I do find this whole debate bizarre ....

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