opening a serial port at a given baudrate. How?

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Tue Apr 4 22:55:51 EDT 2000

On 04 Apr 2000 22:20:25 +0300, 
 Erno Kuusela, in the persona of <erno at>,
 brought forth the following words...:

>>>>>> "davida" == David Arnold <arnold at> writes:
>    davida> on unix (including linux), just open the device special
>    davida> file corresponding to the serial port of interest
>    davida> (ie. /dev/ttyS0) and you can then control it using
>    davida> fcntl.ioctl() function and otherwise read from and write
>    davida> to it like a normal file object.
>i believe the termios module is for ftwiddling with serial
>ports on unix. see for example
>for example code.


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