Dynamic web pages! not Dynamic HTML

Sunil Hadap Sunil.Hadap at cui.unige.ch
Wed Apr 19 14:52:02 EDT 2000


I am really dumb in databases and perl. I am good at python and it's
my scripting language for whatever I do in graphics. I want to start
doing my homepage which is inspired from


I want to implement the following features
a) As I too do lots of photography, I want to put my photographs all
over the web pages, may be randomly or depending upon context.
b) I don't want to hardcode any of the hyperlinks, so that I can move
my pages and still keep the links intact. Idea is, the link will be
always to a single page with a tag, which will take you to right page.

c) User will be able to add his comment to any page like this (bottom
of the page)
d) There will be lots of tags associated with pages. I just refer to
the tag and I should get automatic hyperlink to the appropriate point.

In short, I will be writing a page, not exactly a html page but rather
a template with special tags say @photo(location=geneva,
choice=random, qulity=best, addkey=lake). It will search the database
to narrow down and finally select a random photo. Another tag will be
just @"good exposure" or @"particle system". From these template
files, the system will generate html document replacing all tags with
appropriate hyperlink or image etc, on the fly.

I want to do this in Python. Is zope useful for this, I don't want to
learn a big system as I only want few specific functions only. Which
free database?

Thanks a lot


"Live as if you would die tomorrow,
learn as if you would live forever."
                    --Mahatma Gandhi

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