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zsoltman at my-deja.com zsoltman at my-deja.com
Mon Apr 3 00:28:44 CEST 2000

I am advising a volunteer organization that gets some funding.  I am
the only technical person they have right now.  They desire to not only
have a Web Site, but have in mind two applications that they will need
immediately.  I am volunteering to hammer out basic functionality for
these applications to get them up and running.

If I recommend they purchase an NT machine (don't yell at me, they're
non-technical)and go DSL, I could make their applications very quickly
with either Zope, or Python CGI, but I cannot ignore the fact that
there are Web Hosting companies that have fault tolerance and would be
much cheaper.

Question:  Does anyone know of Web Hosting companies that support
python or Zope?

Alternate Question:  Are there other ways to approach this?

Thanks for any feedback.

zsoltman at hotmail.com

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