Visual Interdev & Python

Arnaldo Riquelme javanet at
Mon Apr 3 13:41:15 EDT 2000

I'm getting ready to build a web based app using ASP.
Since I'm totally new in this arena, I was kindly provided with ASP books, a
VBScript reference book
and Visual Interdev by management.
Most of the staff I've done in past had to deal with in the unix world,
using perl, bash, php, some c , etc.
I was a little disgusted by the VB syntax and I rather not spend anytime
learning it if could use another language,
preferably python, since I have been using it for a couple month and I'm
totally in love with it.

Is there any way to integrate Visual Interdev with python. Visual Interdev
seems to be a very popular tool
for ASPs and I think it could be a great way to attract Windows Developers
(VB) to use python.

Has anyone attempted to do this before? Can anyone  help with some
suggestions or point me to the right direction?

Best regards

Arnaldo Riquelme

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