Python on Google?

Amit Patel amitp at Xenon.Stanford.EDU
Sat Apr 8 21:07:47 EDT 2000

 Josh Tompkins <josht at> wrote:
| Buenos Dias, everyone.
| This is perhaps an off-topic question, but having just found google, I'm 
| curious...
| Does anyone know to what extent Python is used on  I 
| noticed on thier "job offerings" (or whatever) page that they list python 
| experience as "a plus".

Python has been used at Google since the very beginning, and it
continues to be used, although some of the more performance critical
stuff is in C++.  New code _is_ being written in Python (in fact, I do
all my work in Python) and it's being used exclusively to deal with
some large sets of data.  Email me if you want more details.

       - Amit,
         Google, Inc.

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