python telnet script for openvms host

Erno Kuusela erno-news at
Tue Dec 26 13:02:48 EST 2000

Ennis Rosamond <ennisr at> writes:

| tn.read_until('[c')    #last char of session hearder
| tn.write('$ dir\r')

| #following this, I receive back the sequence:
| #recv '\377\373\001'
| #IAC WILL 251
| #recv '\377\373\003'
| #IAC WILL 251
| #recv '\003\\\033Z'
| #
| #which I don't know how to interpret.

that looks like telnet option negotiation, telnetlib should
take care of all that automaticalyl for you. i suspect
the above is just some debug output from telnetlib.

are you sure you are seeing it after your last .write call,
and not at the start of the telnet connection? 

  -- erno

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