Controlling the Parallel Port

Simon Faulkner News at
Wed Dec 27 09:59:13 EST 2000

Having read the previous messages I note that this has been discussed
on the Win platform but I am interested in the Linux (RH7) platform.

I have the Jan Axelson Parallel Port Complete book but I am not sure
how to write the port from Python.

Any code snippets gratefully stolen...


On Wed, 27 Dec 2000 14:33:36 GMT, Simon Faulkner <News at>

>Is it easy to control (read/write) the Parallel Port in linux using
>I am hoping to use it to drive some simple electronics
>(Usual disclaimer understood - If it smokes then you probably got the
>wiring wrong!)
>Simon Faulkner

Simon Faulkner

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