NIST meeting: "Defining Standard, Scriptable Objects for CAD/CAE/CAM/PDM"

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"Defining Standard, Scriptable Objects for CAD/CAE/CAM/PDM"

Date:      December 13th 
Time:      10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location:  NIST, Building 225, Room A54
           -> for directions and maps to NIST, see:

* If you plan to come, you MUST contact Michael McLay, so that 
we are sure that the meeting room space is adequate:

   mailto:mclay at
   - or call 301-975-4099


Roughly, PDM ("Product  Data  Management")  does for  CAD/CAE/CAM
models and related  objects  what Zope does for the objects  that
need to be managed in a typical Web site (HTML docs, etc.).

Problem Statement

The problem is to find an open  architecture  for integrating and
managing the configuration of  computer-aided  design,  analysis,
and manufacturing (CAD/CAE/CAM) tools, models, and data.

The purpose of the meeting is to  evaluate  technologies,  try to
define an approximate  roadmap for building an open architecture,
and establish a ROM guess of (1) how much work may be required to
implement  the  architecture  components  and  (2)  the  cost  of
developing and maintaining an instance of the architecture for an
engineering organization.


  * Engineering Tool/Data Integration Requirements
    Steve Waterbury/NASA

  * GenCAM: a Standard API for Electronic Manufacturing Data
    Michael McLay/NIST

  * The MEMS Exchange: Python and ZODB for Management of Complex Objects
    Andrew Kuchling/CNRI

  * The CADScript/IScript Architecture (and Demo)
    Doug Cheney/International TechneGroup, Inc.

  * Python and Zope: Architectures and Directions
    Barry Warsaw/Python Labs

  * Group discussion
    - How to incorporate interfaces to Python and Zope components 
      such as ZODB into a standard PDM architecture
    - What enhancements to ZODB, ZCatalog, ZPatterns, etc., can 
      address functionality and interfaces needed for general PDM
    - Which pieces of the architecture make the most sense as open 
      source products, which ones are most logical as commercial 
      products, and what interfaces should be standardized to 
      enable open source and commercial products to interoperate.  

-- Steve Waterbury
   NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.

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