One Python 2.1 idea

Tim Peters at
Wed Dec 27 23:32:49 EST 2000

[posted & mailed]

> >>> class Oops:
> ...

[Thomas Wouters]
> Funny, I didn't see that original message. I guess the list is
> still a little flabergasted over being moved and Barry apparently
> abandoning it (because of his lack of connectivity) ;)

Best I can tell, mail->news works great now, in that emails to
python-list at show up on local news servers very quickly (minutes).
But for reasons not yet understood, the mailing-list version is experiencing
random long delays, and this is true of all the mailing lists hosted at  I haven't seen evidence that any msgs are getting lost,
but multi-hour delays are common, and I've seen a few delayed by a full day.

Barry is indeed whining about his lack of connectivity, as if you need
megabit speeds to look at a stinking mail header <wink>.

About =, I never saw anyone suggest that to save time, before
this thread.  Where it did come up several times over the years was people
trying to customize how a method works for a particular instance, rather
than make a proper subclass.  Since Python made instance.__class__ writable,
I don't see any excuse for *that* form of trickery anymore.

but-i-guess-whatever-isn't-forbidden-is-mandatory-ly y'rs  - tim

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