Python vs PHP (& Java?)

Tim Hammerquist tim at
Thu Dec 28 03:07:13 CET 2000

Ben Ocean <zope at> wrote:
> I'm an intermediate-level programmer that's new to Python (via Zope) and I
> like it a lot. However, it appears to me that, while Python is a good
> replacement for Perl, it cannot replace much of the functionality of PHP,
> which can be scripted into HTML (whereas Python, it appears, must be
> called).

Ok, everyone else made very good points, but this little comment slipped
out (not that I'm surprised, honestly)  =)   There is no "replacement
for Perl!"  And Python would do a poor job trying to be Perl (and vice
versa), nor does anyone here seem to _want_ Python to be/replace Perl.

Let me paraphrase:
Perl is Perl and should remain Perl.
Python is Python and should remain Python.
Java is long-winded, "pragmatic" and should be given a fair
PHP is crap and should be left to those to don't want control over their
scripts.  (Ok, this last one was significantly biased; did ya notice?)

Just my $.02.  =)

And Ben: don't leave language choices up to others...unless "others" are
your boss, of course.  Research the languages, not just hearsay.
-Tim Hammerquist <timmy at>
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