Python vs PHP (& Java?)

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Wed Dec 27 17:39:10 CET 2000

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> Python packages for embedding scripts in HTML -
aims to be comprehensive on this subject.
		[various apt
>Yes, you can do it, but if you're working server side anyway, why
>choose a language as limiting as Javascript?
To lock yourself into an unhealthily conventional 
vendor relationship with Netscape.  Phrased some-
what more charitably, that seemed like a bang-up
idea to many well-paid IT professionals not so
long ago.
>Still, there are many very easy to use Python modules for such
>functions, and if you are truly scripting InterNet Communications,
>you're dealing with standard protocols. It doesn't matter what language
>either end is implemented in. Java based clients can talk to Python
>based servers, and vice versa.
Like many things Mr. Spicklemire has written, this
paragraph bears reiteration.

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