HELP - Threading with SCO Unix

Jonathan LaCour jal at
Fri Dec 15 09:55:32 EST 2000

I am working with a corporation that is beginning development on a Python
based product using Zope.  In order for our product to function, we need
to have Python built with thread support.  One platform that we must
support is SCO OpenServer.  We have been attempting to compile
python-1.5.2 with thread support for several days without success.  We
*must* have thread support, or we will be forced to move to another

Does Python even support threads in SCO Unix?

Any suggestions?  We have attempted our build using a binary distribution
of GNU PThreads for SCO OpenServer.  Installing another UNIX is not an
option at this stage.

If you are running SCO OpenServer and have python with threading support,
please contact me!  We need your help!

Thanks for you help!  This is absolutely critical for success, and any
assistence would be appreciated!

Jonathan LaCour
VertiSoft, Corp.

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