Source Code Management

Dale Strickland-Clark dale at
Wed Dec 13 10:37:33 EST 2000

I'm looking for a source code management system for looking after Python, Java, Javascript and
possibly other languages too.

Does anyone know of such a system that matches or comes close?

Essential features:
* Runs on Windows 2000
* Works over the Internet (ftp would be good)
* Secure (ftp level security would pobably suffice)
* Module level version control with deltas or compressed archives
* Package level (multiple modules) sign in/sign out
* System level release control. (ie, this is now release x, note all module versions for this

Desirable features:
* Extendible - preferably scriptable with Python
* Manage arbitrary files including documentation
* GUI or command line interfaces
* Low maintenance
* Library stored as plain files and not in some odd database format

That's not too much to ask, is it!  :-)

Dale Strickland-Clark
Out-Think Ltd
Business Technology Consultants

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