A Suggestion for Python Colon Syntax

Doug Landauer landauer at apple.com
Thu Dec 28 01:42:32 CET 2000

> ... You should be able to tell from the overwhelming lack of
> other response on the newsgroup that there's no groundswell
> of desire (for making trailing colons optional) being suppressed
> here! 

Well, there is the fact that it's currently between Chrismas
and New Year's, and a lot of people aren't "here".  But aside from
that, I suspect

 - that 90% of the responses that are being suppressed are from
   lack of interest and/or a confidence that The Right Thing
   (i.e., No change) Will Happen; and

 - that most of those responses, were they to be written, would say
   something like this:   "Why ever would you want to make your
   code less consistent and less readable by omitting the colons?"

barely here-ly,
    Doug Landauer        landauer at apple.com (work)
                         landauer at scruznet.com (not-work)

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