PyThreadState_Get error again :(

Robin Becker robin at
Mon Dec 4 06:17:29 EST 2000

In article <3A2AD10F.8040803 at>, Mark Hammond
<MarkH at> writes
>Robin Becker wrote:
>> I'm running BEOPEN Python 2.0, Win95 OSR2, PythonWin 134 (with the fixed 
>I'm afraid that using "popen4("dir")" as the test, using ActivePython 
>201 (ie, win32all 135), on Windows 98, I can not get this code to fail 
>either from python.exe or pythonwin.exe :-(
Well it's your co-author who claims it works with 2000 :)

I can certainly 'claim' that there's something odd happening under
win95. The good news is that we don't need the code any more ie we
brought the calculation inboard.

The crash happens when the output file is closed even when I try
popen4("dir \\tmp"). The command seems to work and the output looks ok,
just crashes when either of the files is closed.

Is there any way to get 135 without reinstalling 2.0 or perhaps there
has been a fix in that? Is it worth pursuing further?
Robin Becker

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