Python wrapper for C++ STL?

Greg Jorgensen gregj at
Sat Dec 9 01:02:18 EST 2000

<shindich at> wrote:

> I am not saying that there is any point in wrapping STL for Python. All
> I'm saying is that STL can be used to write C++ extensions that
> implement specific algorithms.

Sure it could, though C++ + STL = C O D E  B L O A T, so using that combo
for Python modules will likely suck up a lot of memory. If you want some
data structure Python doesn't have--sorted associative containers, for
example--you'd be better off writing a module in C to implement just that,
rather than try to press the STL into service where it won't give you any

Anyway the original post that started this all asked about writing a wrapper
for the STL, and that's the issue I was responding to.

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