[OT] Apple IIe help please

Lizard lizard at mrlizard.com
Sat Dec 2 02:00:37 EST 2000

At 06:25 PM 12/1/2000, D-Man wrote:

>Hi all.  I apologize for the off topic-ness of the message and the 
>I have a friend who has a program she likes (written in BASIC) on an Apple 
>I have a way to get into the code and list it on the screen.  What I am 
>for is someone who has had some experience using an Apple IIe who can tell me
>how I can get the listing to be redirected to the printer port.  Also if it is
>possible to get a copy of the program file onto a disk for an IBM compatible
>comptuer (Windows or Linux) that would be great.

Gods, THAT brings back memories! Something like "PRINT #1" or the like? I 
know you specify a port..."IN #1" turned on the printer? Maybe? I'm sorry, 
I'm dredging up memories from 20+ years ago...

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