Fault trees structure

Arturo Pérez Mulas arturo_perez at wanadoo.es
Mon Dec 11 10:45:13 EST 2000


> Fault-tree analysis does appear like an interesting subject, but I
> can't easily find a precise model of "a fault-tree" around the web.
> Can you point to a summary description ("fault-tree analysis" gets
> a lot of hits, but I wonder if a "fault-tree object" can be described
> well enough without getting into the depth of the analysis issues)?

I will definitely post some pointers this evening, and add some more
comments myself.

> Discussing how to model something in terms of Python classes &c seems
> to be a rather basic purpose of this forum, so I think it would be
> all right to pursue a discussion here, but you'd have to supply the
> domain-expertise (at least if I'm the other discussant...!).

It would be nice to know how much you know about them, to write some
post that is not too simple neither too complex.

My main goal is not in fault-tree analysing (quantification), since this is
very complex and computing costly exercise, and a few wonderful tools are
running out there. My goal is to be able to read/write fault trees from
formats and manipulate them from my codes. This is the main reason I got
python, and for that matter into OOP. Fault trees seem a nice entity to be
using OOP (at a further stage I think it would be wonderful, not only to
come out
with an object model for FTs -fault trees-, but to set up an xml set of
rules to
store/interchange them... but this is far away from my knowledge, time and
employer's budget!

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