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Erno Kuusela wrote:
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> | The closest compiled languege to Python is probaby C/C++.
> huh? those are about a million times lower level than python,
> with manual memory management and pointers and all...
> c++ is also about a million times more complex and pretty ugly
> with all the backwards-compatibility baggage.
>   -- erno

Yes, C/C++ are much lower level.  Though the question was "what is the
most Python-like compiled language?"  If you don't agree with C/C++ then
what is closer.  I thought about including Java.  However, Java realy
isn't realy what I'd call compiled.  It was made to be platform
independant, and binaries for java aren't realy distributed (other than
for wintel and sometimes linux).  Also, Java is pretty slow, and the
questioner was looking for speed.  Also, syntacticly, C may be more like
Python, but it may be too low-level.  C++ has some nicer memory
managment and output routines.  So I decided on C/C++ as the closest.

There are a few posts disagreeing.  However, none of them posted an
alternative.  C/C++ is the closest I could think of without going into
some obscure languages, like some of the scientific calculator
languages, or Oberon, or ML.

If C/C++ isn't the closest, then what is?

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