Magnus Heino magnus.heino at rivermen.se
Fri Dec 8 13:55:09 EST 2000

> Magnus Heino wrote:
> > How do I build an xmldocument using something in xml.dom?
> Here's an example:
> from xml.dom import implementation

Ah, great. Thanks. That helped a lot. I'm getting confused by the different 
> Does that help, or do you need any other info?
> Big improvements in the docs are already in the works.

Maybe you could tell me the differences and relations between the xml 
included in Python2.0, PyXML and Fourthoughs distro?

Seems to me that the Python2.0 is a subset of PyXML (because it wasnt 
finished in time for the release maybe?) and that PyXML includes things 
from Fourthught, but not of all of it.. for some reason.

Am I getting it all wrong? :)

Are there any good books to recommend in this area? 


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