Label-Value (was: Re: Inheriting the @ sign from Ruby)

Erno Kuusela erno-news at
Tue Dec 12 13:39:05 EST 2000

In article <slrn93cotl.80c.scarblac at>,
scarblac at (Remco Gerlich) writes:

| Integers, longs, complex numbers, strings, functions, tuples, types, floats
| and None are immutable. Most of these are obvious; the number 3 is the
| number 3, why would you change that?!

it is easy to think that when you know how things work in python.
but, you could just as easily say, "a list containing the numbers 1, 2 and
3 is a list of 1, 2 and 3, why would you change that?!"
mutable integer or string objects are certainly not an impossible idea.

  -- erno

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