reloading modules question

Darrell news at
Sun Dec 10 19:03:42 CET 2000

I haven't made extensive use of reload, and want to hear how it goes for
Although killing Python would clean up memory leaks and the like.
I assume IIS would restart it, maybe??

# Hacked from the win32 demos
import win32api, win32pdhutil, win32con#, sys

def killProcSelf():
    myPid= win32api.GetCurrentProcessId()
    handle = win32api.OpenProcess(win32con.PROCESS_TERMINATE, 0,myPid)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    raw_input("Failed to kill self")

"Syver Enstad" wrote:
> Is it safe to loop through sys.modules.items()
> reloading each module, as long as I catch the ImportError?

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