sniffing btw my web browser and a server

Cary O'Brien cobrien at Radix.Net
Wed Dec 27 14:40:46 EST 2000

In article <92aush$rhc$1 at>,
June Kim <junaftnoon at> wrote:
>I'm doing some sort of web client programming, and have to observe the
>messages that my browser and web-servers transmit, being tired of guessing
>what the messages'd be and looking up the references and the specifications.
>Anyone has done it in Python or knows how it could be done?
>Best regards,
>ps. using TCP/IP packet sniffers made for mere hacking seems too primitive
>or low-level in this case.

Take a look at "ethereal".  It is a (GTK?) graphical packet sniffer that
unpacks many protocols.  You can use it to snapshot an HTTP session and use
the "TCP Session" option to see exactly what is going on.

Slick.  Hours of fun on a busy network.

-- cary

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