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jerry_spicklemire at my-deja.com jerry_spicklemire at my-deja.com
Thu Dec 21 10:58:07 EST 2000

  Greg Ewing wrote:
> Hmmm, let's try that out. Is [[]] true or false?
> It's a list containing a list containing nothing.
> Since [] is false, a list containing nothing must be
> nothing. So [[]] is a list containing nothing,
> which is nothing. Ah, it must be false! :-)
> Nothing-is-weird-stuff,

Maybe I was just lucky, but the first time I encountered this concept,
the documentation at hand refered to "empty". That's easy for me to
grasp. If I have a sack with an empty jar inside, the jar is indeed
empty, but the sack is certainly not!

Jerry S.

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