Python for REAL Projects ?

Steve Williams sandj.williams at
Wed Dec 13 23:11:42 EST 2000

dragon at wrote:

> Hello Python People !
> I have been looking at, and trying out Python (under Win NT) and
> although Python SEEMS interesting can it "cut the mustad" on a real
> client project ??
> Curently, I develop using DELPHI + Interbase SQL ( or Borland BDE
> tables) because , in the main, DELPHI offers "mostly" easy to setup
> forms and access to database tables ( not perfect but usable).


You won't find anything as nice as the Delphi IDE in the Python world.  Or
anywhere else, for that matter.  It is the gold standard, IMHO.

But, as you probably know, real Delphi programmers bypass the IDE and
write the code directly in the editor.  That's one of the lovely things
about Delphi--the IDE/editor duality.

Instead of Tkinter, look at wxPython.  Some of the demos are quite amazing
and the code looks a lot like Delphi code.

You don't have to use mySQL.  Interbase is a [categorically] superior
product.  Having said that, I must confess I've never tried to access
Interbase via mxODBC on non-Windows platforms.

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