Beginers question

pehr anderson pehr at
Wed Dec 6 00:48:01 EST 2000

I think this isn't a big problem.
You should probably get somebody to 
walk you through how to use the
command line. 

It is hard to explain all the 
concepts involved in navigating 
files and directories without
being there with you an introducing
the commands. 

If you can, find a reference on the 
DOS/Windows command line commands.
These haven't changed much in 15 years.


robert george wrote:
> I started the beginers tutorial. My operating system is Winme.
> The tutorial says I should get a" C:\WINDOWS> " prompt. But I get
> a"C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP>" prompt.
> Why is that? Will Python work with Winme?
> Thanks for your help
> An extreme novice.
> Rob

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