Python with Apache on WinNT newbie question

Jeff Bauer jbauer at
Fri Dec 29 09:58:40 EST 2000


Here's a trick I once used to maintain compatibility between
Windows/Unix CGI scripts. Create a C:\usr\local\bin directory
and copy the C:\Python\python.exe file into it. 

Then use the following header line on your portable CGI scripts:


I haven't tried this kludge recently, but I think it should
still work.

Jeff Bauer

Victor Muslin wrote:
> To get Apache server to run a Python CGI script, the script needs to
> have on its first line a directive telling Apache the file name of the
> Python interpreter, like so:
>         #!d:/apps/python/python.exe
>         #
>         # The rest of my cgi script follows
>         # ....
> The problem with this is deploying this script on different machines
> that may have Python interpreter installed in different directories.
> Surely others had run into the same issue. What is a typical solution?
> Unfortunately, if this directive can take environmental variables I
> could not figure out how to do it.

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