Settle Down ( was Re: Python Origins)

Jay O'Connor joconnor at
Wed Dec 6 05:27:51 CET 2000

At 01:36 AM 12/06/2000 GMT, Mark Jackson wrote:
>Nigel <nigeljennison at> writes:
>>  I am doing some research and I would be grateful if anybody could give
>> me some history on the origins of Python.
>But then you wouldn't really be doing any research, would you?

Nigel didn't say *what* he was researching.

He could be researching

a) Web languages and their development
b) History of OO langauges and what languages have branched from which
other languages
c) Scripting languages
d) Dynamically typed versus Statically typed languages

There's a lot of things he could be researching of which knowing the
history of Python would be but a part of a larger picture for which getting
some pointers to sources could be useful without doing his workf for him

It'd be really bad, for example, if Nigel was writing a a magazine article
about Python ascending in prominence on the web and when trying to get some
history information, the best help he got from the Python community was
snotty or sarcastic answers

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