Python in "math through programming" curriculum

Kirby Urner urner at
Tue Dec 19 13:18:34 EST 2000

"Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at> wrote:

>Kirby Urner wrote:
>> Maybe the Mac people are working on alternatives/enchancements
>> to IDLE?  Does anyone have some info on this?
>    "Yes, Guido is my brother"
>    "I am the author of the IDE for MacPython. This place
>    used to be the download spot for it, but since Python
>    1.5.1 it is included in the standard MacPython distribution.
>    If you can't find it: it lives in :Mac:Contrib:IDE. Starting
>    with MacPython 1.5.2b1 /.../ the IDE is included in the
>    distribution with full source code and a Python Style
>    License (PSL)."

Yes, when I installed Python 1.x for the iMac at my daughter's
school, it came with IDLE and I used IDLE after installing it.

But the key words didn't seem to be color coded, i.e. when 
I typed 'import x', the word 'import' did not automatically 
turn orange (or any other color).  This detracted from the 
kid-friendliness of the interface.  Especially when coding 
modules, you want color-coded key words, as per what any 
high-end programming editor provides.

My question is:  did I miss something, e.g. some setting, 
in the IDLE interface? and/or does Macworld offer alternative
GUI IDEs for Python, e.g. in the Windows world there are 

><!-- (the eff-bot guide to) the standard python library:

Have it, use it.


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