Good introduction to functional programming with Python?

Tim Peters at
Sat Dec 23 03:37:22 CET 2000

[Alex Martelli]
> There must indeed be some Pythonic 'aura' to Haskell, I guess,
> given the somewhat surprising correlation between liking Haskell
> and liking Python among people who've tried both.

[Marcin 'Qrczak'  Kowalczyk]
> Indeed. I am very surprised how often Haskell is mentioned on the
> Python's list, given quite different paradigms of these languages.
> Elegance of design of a language? Significant layout? :-)

My vote:  both languages place extreme emphasis on being *readable*.  Listen
to a Scheme True Believer ragging on a Haskeller for all the "unnecessary"
syntactic sugar in Haskell, then go back in the archives and watch
the same folks ragging on Python for the same thing. Languages' detractors
often stumble into key similarities years before the supporters figure it
out <wink>.

prophecy-is-remembering-the-past-ly y'rs  - tim

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