Building Python with Linux/ccc on the Alpha Platform

Thomas Wouters thomas at
Sat Dec 23 12:00:40 EST 2000

On Fri, Dec 22, 2000 at 04:48:04PM +0100, jnix at wrote:

> I am interested in building Python with Numeric extension using the
> Compaq CCC compiler on a Alpha21264 machine under Linux. I have a good
> reason for this: ccc binaries usually run three to five times faster
> than the corresponding gcc binaries, especially if they are
> floating-point intensive - at this point in time, gcc just not
> optimizes well on the Alpha.

> Anybody did this before?

> What do I have to observe?

Probably nothing, as long as you make *everything* use 'ccc' -- that means
'configure' as well. And don't forget to run 'make clean' or (pref'rably)
'make distclean' (but save your Setup file if you don't want to re-edit it)
before you run configure. Then call configure with the 'CC' environment
variable set to 'ccc' (or the full path, if you need it.)

(use 'env CC=ccc ./configure <--opts>' in a c-style shell, or
'CC=ccc ./configure <--opts>' in a sh-style shell.)

If you want to compile some parts using ccc, and others using gcc, it might
get a bit tricky, but that really depends on how different gcc and ccc are,
and I have no clue on that, sorry.

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