xml-rpc server in python returning python lists...

Scott Hathaway slhath at home.com
Tue Dec 26 09:36:11 EST 2000

Thanks, I will try the code snippet below.


"Chui Tey" <teyc at bigfoot.com> wrote in message
news:928evf$u2$1 at bunyip.cc.uq.edu.au...
> As far as I know, the python xmlrpc server conforms to the xmlrpc
> > cannot seem to get working.  Which one did you use with VB?
> I'm not sure. I downloaded both. I'm probably using the other one...
>     Set m_Client = New XMLRPCC.Client
>     Private m_DOM       As DOMDocument
>     Set m_DOM = m_Client.Execute(URL, "getServerName")
>     m_Client.ResponseToVariant m_DOM, sName
> I think mine needs VB6 + IE5 at least to work.
> theArray(0) and theArray(1) should return something..., try stepping
> the vb code
> (Sorry Pythonistas, probably should move over to a vb forum soon)

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