mail processing module?

Syver Enstad syver at
Fri Dec 22 10:34:16 EST 2000

"Michael Haggerty" <mhagger at> wrote in message
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> In fact maybe a better breakdown would be one module that represents
> an email message and allows data to be MIMEd into and out of it, one
> module for sending such messages via SMTP, one module for retrieving
> such messages via POP, and one for retrieving via IMAP.  The
> interfaces for the two retrieving modules should be as close as
> possible, and ideally the interface to the mail-sending routine should
> be generic enough that one could write a module with the same
> interface but that sends emails by writing them to, e.g., sendmail or
> qmail.

Couldn't this be accomplished by extending the mimetools.Message class? I
checking out mail messaging via smtplib yesterday, and saw that the
mimetools.Message class seemed to have rather good support for "decoding" a
received message, but none for building a message. So what I basically felt
I needed was a message class for outgoing messages that could be used with
smtplib.SMTP. What I did to avoid having to think about getting the protocol
right all the time, was to make a small smtpmessage class that allowed you
to set such things as from, to, subject, message. I could then pass in the
SMTP object in the send method.

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