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>>    I would like to write a program that will automatically modify
>> certain parts of the registry in win98.  I have never programed before
>> (but I am trying to learn) and I thought that this would be a
>> good "real app" for me because I modify the registry a lot, and I would
>> like to see if I could automate the process to save some time.  I
>> really only want it to go and do a few preprogrammed things.  Nothing
>> spectacular like regedit.exe.  So how do you get a python script to
>> access and/or modify the registry?  I have looked around and I haven't
>> found any HOW-TO on the subject.
>The _winreg module, 20.2 in Python 2's Library Reference, or e.g.:
>may be what you're looking for -- somewhat low-level, but OK.
I want to add specific encouragement to the original
poster:  Python is a *wonderful* first computing lan-
guage.  If you already are in the habit of working
with the Registry with distribution Microsoft tools,
you're likely to find programming automation a nearly
religious experience.  Look forward to a lot of fun.

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