namespaces & indentation

Erno Kuusela erno-news at
Sat Dec 23 14:27:47 CET 2000

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Schaller <Chris.Schaller at> writes:

| I've already taken a look in my despair at that document, but
| couldn't believe that the smallest piece of code with its own
| namespace is a function.

well, keep trying :)

| This implies (at least to me) to keep functions as small as
| possible in order to avoid further complications (at least some
| functional programming philosophy...).

what complications?

it's good to keep your functions reasonably small, but
"as small as possible" is probably too small :)

try reading some existing python code.

|| 1. Strive to test all paths thru each function (good advice
|| regardless of language).

| That's right, but that's not so easy in Python (sorry, I'm a little
| bit fastidious from using FPLs) due to its dynamics.  Otherwise such
| cases would have been analyzed and criticized when parsing the
| function.  The same applies to a function that gets a wrong argument
| type and runs amuck.

static typing is no substitute for actually testing the code!

  -- erno

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