Python in embedded systems?

Grant Edwards grante at
Wed Dec 20 14:12:58 EST 2000

Has anybody heard of a Python interpreter being used in an
embedded system to provide user scripting capabilities?

At some point in the future, I might be looking for a small,
safe, interpreted langauge to put into an embedded system. It
needs to be something easy for a non EE/CS to grasp.
Resource-wise, Forth would be a good choice except I think it's
a difficult first language for non programmers.

I'd love to use Python, but I don't know if it will fit into
the embedded system environment -- I probably can't allocate
more than about 1MB of memory for the scripting feature.

I've seen some nice compact Scheme implimentations, but that
too is probably not a good choice for something that will be
used by somebody with no CS background.

I'm really hoping to avoid using some sort of BASIC, the Web
server I'm running as a JavaScript subset interpreter, so maybe
I can figure out how to use that for non-web stuff.

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