PIL binary for Python 2.0 for Windows ?

William Ryu wsryu at is05.fas.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 13 08:55:31 EST 2000

I'm also having trouble installing PIL. While I can import Imaging.py just
fine and load the test image "lena.ppm," I get the dreaded:

"ImportError: The _imaging C module is not installed"

when I try to display the image with the show() method.

I've downloaded the PIL Python Modules from eefbot
(http://w1.132.telia.com/~u13208596/pil/index.htm) and have loaded the
_imaging20.dll into my DLLs folder.

I've also tried placing the DLL in my main Python20 folder and the PIL
folder, all of which are listed in PYTHONPATH.

I would really appreciate some help.



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