Pascal -> Python 'record' structures

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Mon Dec 11 09:07:38 EST 2000

"deadmeat" <root@[]> wrote in message
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> Can anyone tell me how to read in file records that were created by Pascal
> and C programs? Will I have to write a wrapper and parse the raw data
> manually?

The python 'struct' module handles the task of converting such
binary 'struct'/'record' data to Python thingies.  You do have
to open the file for reading in binary mode and read the right
number of bytes at a time, but then struct will nicely unpack
them for you.

Suppose for example that the file is made up of records each
of which is a (binary little-endian) IEEE-double precision
(64-bit) number followed by two signed 4-byte integers.

    import struct

    format = "<dll"
    reclen = struct.calcsize(format)
        fileob = open("file.dat","rb")
        while 1:
            record =
            if not record: break;
            myfloat, myint1, myint2 = struct.unpack(format, record)
            # now work with myfloat, myint1, myint2 ...


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