Python for REAL Projects ?

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Fri Dec 15 16:12:33 CET 2000

> I know that many systems have been built around MySQL, and I'll probably get
> flamed for saying this by MySQL advocates, but my impression is that MySQL
> is a toy system which will not compete in a true multi-user production
> environment with commercial products. Not that there's anything wrong with
> that, and if you accept its limitations MySQL can be effective.

I am a developer on a system that uses a mysql db, and have this to say
about your comment :o)

MySQL is fast and reliable, as long as your are not storing large chunks
of data, don't have the need for transactions support, though they have
made something that almost works as transactions, and in many cases,
it's not a good idea to use MySQL in a "multi-db-access" environment,
unless you really know what you're doing, and makes sure nothing can go
wrong, and that is usually the problem.... the program/scripts has to do
the checking of db-access :o/

So... You're right... We need real transactions!
But other than that, MySQL is REALLY fast and reliable... for small chunks
of data :o)

/Dan Larsen

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