One Python 2.1 idea

rturpin at rturpin at
Sat Dec 23 17:07:12 EST 2000

Personally, I thought Python 1.5x was so slick, it needed
little more from a language perspective. That said, list
comprehension is a nice enhancement. For 2.1, I think
there are three things Python needs to make it more broadly
useful, and more broadly used: speed, speed, and speed.

I can already hear the protests that Python is pretty fast
compared to some of the alternative, that it is fast enough
for whatever you are using it for, that one can always
optimize after the case, that often it is the glued pieces
that cause performance problems, and that critical code can
be rewritten in C/C++. All I can say is this: speed is to
scripting languages what location is to real estate. One of
the nice things about list comprehensions is that it
improves performance by abstracting an existing language


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