Python for REAL Projects ?

David C. Ullrich ullrich at
Sun Dec 17 11:21:12 EST 2000

On Fri, 15 Dec 2000 03:25:16 +0500, Igor Poteryaev
<jah at> wrote:

>Hello DELPHI dragon !
>You definitely can get the best from both Delphi and Python worlds.
>Have you ever heard about PythonForDelphi located at
>  ?
>It is a nice example of both extending and embedding capabilities of 
>python. You get all comfort of using Delphi forms for UI and flexibility 
>of python. 

	Absolutely. (I've tried to say what you just said about
3 times - keep getting strange errors (What does "Spam domain error"

	Not to waste a whole post just to say "absolutely" - I'm
curious whether this one will go through.


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