Helpme "Corrupt installation detected"

Teet Tarno devlin at
Mon Dec 18 21:25:54 EST 2000

Hi !

I have a dumb problem for all you nice people out there.
One day I downloaded the Beopen-Python-2.0.exe and tried to install it
on W95. Well, I ran the installer and it ran out of diskspace. No, not
the 18M install, but FAT16 and 1800 (a lot) files. I used
Quarterdeck's Cleansweep, uninstalled the thing, freed some more space
and now when I try to run it, it does nothing and simply says : 
"Corrupt installation detected"
and exits.
 To the best of my knowledge, Cleansweep should have removed all
traces of the install (HD, *.ini, registry) . I did search in the
registry and took a quick look around the disk. Nothing seemingly

Where does the BeOpen installer save the info about the failed
installation ?
I could download the installer again, but 5M over slow modem is not
THAT much fun. But if it has to Be...

If anybody has any idea - I would greatly appreciate it !
Thanks in advance !

Teet Tarno

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